Are you struggling to find a great job?
We help struggling job hunters with super powerful resumes that practically guarantees interviews and job success, even if you´ve been searching for months and months... Watch the video to learn more.
Are you struggling to find a great job?
We help struggling job hunters with super powerful resumes that practically guarantees interviews and job success, even if you´ve been searching for months and months... Watch the video to learn more.
Click here now for a free resume expert review, and for access to our free exclusive job-search and interview training in 2020, that has helped thousands of people just like you:
Click here now for a free resume expert review, and for access to our free exclusive job-search and interview training in 2020, that has helped thousands of people just like you:
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resume writing service
resume writing service
resume writing service
resume writing service
Tomorrow you will have your expert resume review.
Immediate access to exclusive interview training and job search.
100% Money back guarantee, in all our resume services.
● Do you find your self-worth goes down every time you look for jobs online and find they are limited and there is a tough competition?
● Are you stressed and concerned about your career and life right now? Are you scared to go to interviews not knowing what to say?
● Or are you currently in a frustrating job you don't like, where you even feel you deserve a higher salary; so you spend the limited days of your life stuck in that horrible job feeling frustrated and wanting for your working day to end as soon as possible?
"I Fully Understand Your Situation"
These are the three reasons why job-hunting is harder, in 2020, than it should be:
Mechanical Communication
Nowadays, in order to apply for jobs, you have to fill out forms and fields on the internet.
This is a very tough way to transmit the value you can give to a company and to prove that you deserve an interview.
Applicant Tracking Systems
In today's job-market every job-offer receive hundreds or thousands of applications.
That's why every big company have software with a keyword analysis filter 90% of the resumes.
A Decline in H.R. Staffing Levels
Few professionals have to handle hundreds of employees and recruiting process.
This tremendous over-work is another reason why is very hard for employers to recognize your worth.
"How we will help you succeed:"
We provide interview-winning resume writing services for those seeking entry level, professional, and executive roles.
The extensive experience of my team, for example: in International Recruitment and Resume Writing and 12-year resume-writing experience and expertise from the Harvard Career Services Office, give us industry-insider knowledge across all disciplines, allowing us to gain an in-depth knowledge of industry-specific requirements across a vast range of disciplines.
Additionally, our proven interview-landing resume services will illuminate your professionalism and fast-track your application through HR and ATS processes with outstanding credentials-based content that leaves lasting impressions. We will make you shine above the rest.
"Finally... PROVEN tools that allow YOU to choose your career, lifestyle and salary."
Verified Resume
We will create your first professional resume, your mid career resume, or your senior, director, vp, svp, or executive resume:
This is an Applicant Tracking Systems based service of outstanding quality, giving you an edge over other applicants and getting you the interview you deserve, including:
1. Complete enhancement and transformation of your resume/CV – grammar, style, keywords, and more.
2. Complete resume/cv re-formatting to a clean, professional design praised by industry executives and HR managers.
3. A powerful, attention-grabbing summary of your abilities, to immediately grab attention on your resume/cv.
4. Achievement-based, metric-driven accomplishments.
5. New ideas to improve content along with comments explaining changes.
6. Industry-specific, ATS-compatible format praised by recruiters + hiring authorities.
If you are looking for a senior, director, vp, svp, or executive resume:
An ATS-optimized resume that highlights your accomplishments, telling your story in how you have built, mentored, and guided large teams to success in new, challenging atmospheres.
Contrasted Cover Letter
Employers are 40% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter.
We will create a custom letter you can easily modify and use to send to different companies when you apply for new roles or introduce yourself to potential partners.
Imagine having a great cover letter that generates in the potential employers and partners a huge desire to know you.
LinkedIn Optimization
97% of employers use LinkedIn. We´ll optimize your LinkedIn Profile.
We will create for you an eye-catching LinkedIn content primed for the 'full read', ensuring you get noticed and leave an impression.
Having great connections with the recruiters of the companies you want to work for while shining above the rest.
All our services includes:
Maximum 5-day delivery.
Unlimited revisions. Untill you get 100% satisfied.
100% Money back guarantee. We put in us all the responsibility for your success.
Editable file. In the future, you will be able to change things on your own, even though we would love to work for you again.
I guarantee you'll double your interviews
"How it works:"
Get an expert resume review and our exclusive training. You you learn how your resume is working and how to do your job-search and interviews, in 2020.
Choose your resume service and get matched with an expert writer.
Work one-on-one to craft your career story.
Receive a resume tailored to your goals.
Land interviews. Get hired in the kind of job YOU desire!
In your first month in your new great job, you will recover all the investment here.
"How resumes from ResumesThatWin increase your
"How resumes from ResumesThatWin increase your chances of getting hired in a great job in a 70%"
chances of getting hired in a great job in a 70%"
At the beginning of 2019 the job search site released research showing these results:
• 5,000 people see an online job post.
• 5,000 people see an online job post.
• 650 will submit an application and will be reviewed by applicant tracking systems.
• 50 will be reviewed by recruiting managers. 5 to 7 seconds is the average time recruiters spend reviewing a resume.
• 4 to 6 will be contacted for interviews and 1 to 3 will make it to the final interview round.
• 1 will be hired for the job.
• The study also claims that when asked to rank resumes, recruiters gave professionally written ones a 70% higher score than amateur resumes.
"What people love about us"
  • Created a very professional resume from scratch for myself and translated two LinkedIn profiles into resumes. They came out excellent and would use this seller again!

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    Alicia Kaufmann
  • This is second time I asked because they did an amazing work for the first time. They are a great communicator and prompt and understand my needs fast enough and her writing and making CV skill is an excellent! Theyalso provides me necessary information for interviews.

    Masa Kotoyoda
  • Completely redid my resume. It looks so amazing and I can’t wait to use it in my job search. If you’re looking for someone to get resume help from, you found the person that can do it all. Thank you again!

    United States
    Mypal Vikram
  • They were great! They gave extra tips for interviewing, comments all over explaining why they did what they did and why it's important to put certain things on the resume. They are very thorough.

    United States
    Laura Camacho
  • Very satisfied. They are really expert and friendly. Service is a little bit expensive, but they deserves every payed dollar

    United States
    Greg Socios
  • I have been using an outdated resume for years and ResumesThatWin has totally changed they way I will be applying for jobs. This is a game changer and life saver! This purchase even came with interview tips, personal encouraging messages, and they have has offered to help me past the deadline date with any questions for interviews or job applications. If I could give this 10 stars I would! Thank you Isaac!

    United States
  • Yes he did.. I was offered a great Job Opportunity.. These is my second time using her service. I will definitely use his services again..

    Puerto Rico
    Yoner Rasti
  • They were very responsive and flexible towards my needs. I appreciated their quick turnaround and am pleased with the finished product!

    United States
  • I was recommended ResumesThatWin by a friend who felt their services would best suit my needs. The end product was exactly as described. There are notes with explainations for why everything is written out the way it is, and I'll be certain to keep this information handy for writing my own resumes in the future! Thanks for your help!

    United States
  • ResumesThatWin worked really well with my resume. They gave good tips to optimize my LinkedIn. I would recommend her service

    United States
    Abdulla Halma
  • RTW did a wonderful job on my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile suggestions! Highly recommend her to anyone needing professional resume writing. They's will not let you down! Awesome experience!

    United States
    C. Busby
  • Quality Perfect! Maybe they have a lot of clients so it took some time for her to reply. But the work she has done I can’t say there is anything wrong with it.

    Patrick Jin
  • My resume looks incredible! I am in Chicago interviewing this week and I'm extremely confident that my new resume will help me shine. There were also some interview tips included that will help me do great on my interviews. Highly recommend.

    Brittani Janee
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    Jena Irios
"About us"
I set up ResumesThatWin due to I realize how many people lose the opportunity because they do not have their resume properly build and that it is not able to convey who they are and their value. And that I could help all these people with my knowledge based on my experience and in my training.
I am Isaac Bello the Founder and CEO of ResumesThatWin. I have been working for more than 7 years in several companies being in charge of recruiting departments, focused on matching profiles to the companies needs. Also, I am a triple-certified resume writer with a degree in business administration, a master in Human Resources.
We create insanely successful resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn optimization, unique to each client and his or her goal, that produces predictable and awesome results, and you can have it as well.
Our team unit leaders
Mary Jones
International Recruiter and Certified Resume Writer, specializing in U.S., UK, Canadian and Australian employment. Master of English Language with 8+ years' experience in screening, editing, and writing resumes across multiple disciplines, at all levels of business.
Patricia Hill
A distinguished, globally accredited HR professional (SHRM-CP). I hold a Masters degree in HRM with 12 years of global HR experience in various facets of HR. Have interviewed more than 3K jobseekers, had more than 15K job conversation in my career with job seekers worldwide
More than 4 thousand satisfied users.
They have to be right.
Industry specialties.
Our writers are experienced.
Years in business.
Since 2011.
"Real People, Real Resumes, Real Results"
Dan Williams
Dan Williams
Hired as a project manager, two weeks after working with us.
"...My dream was to manage projects but nobody wanted to hire me even though I was prepared. I bought ResumesThatWin's service and surprisingly two weeks later I landed in my dream job. Now, I manage a team and a lot of projects. I recommend this service to everybody, is very useful..."
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown
Hired as a physiology consultant, three weeks after working with us.
"...I recently got fired from my job, ... I was lost, I didn't know what to do, I was very upset, I had no confidence in my job search anymore... I found ResumesThatWin that really ...."
Diego Jones
Diego Jones
Recruiter talking about the resumes from ResumesThatWin.
"...As a recruiter I read about 60 resumes per day, mostly I forgot. The resumes that make a difference, the ones that make me feel something different are the ones made by ResumesThatWin and I always remind these resumes, that's why I recommend them..."
"Why it's better for you to have us do your resume, than to do it yourself:"
When it comes to writing your own resume, there’s an unlimited number of things that can go wrong, and the cost of those mistakes can be a missed opportunity to secure your dream job — or at least your next job. We ensure you to have your resume with the design, writing and keywords you need to get the job of your dreams, the job you've always wanted. My team is expert in this and has been giving great results to all kinds of people, professional objectives and situations for years.
Here are a few common mistakes that we ResumesThatWin can help you avoid, aka the reasons you shouldn’t do it yourself when it comes to your resume.
Improved format:
More than 75% of resumes will never be seen by human eyes thanks to the automated applicant tracking systems that have become common among larger employers in the last decade. I know how to format your resume, so it can be read easily by these scanning bots. Our expertise can ensure that you don’t lose out in this critical step of the application process.
Necessary information:
Contrary to popular belief, a resume should not contain your entire life — or even work — history. Resumes that focus on day-to-day responsibilities and role-related tasks are sure to end up in a trash folder. Employers care about accomplishments — especially accomplishments that can be quantified. Your resume should highlight the types of results that set you apart from the average applicant and will serve as examples of what you can do in your next role.
A recent study found that 78% of resumes reviewed by hiring managers include some form of typos or grammar mistakes. Imagine the red flags a typo sends to an employer! If you make mistakes in your resume, what will you do with client contracts or pitch presentations? Whether you were in a rush or aren’t comfortable writing, these mistakes always seem to crop up. Hiring a professional resume writer to write and edit your resume will give you a professional polish and put you one step ahead of the majority of resumes a hiring manager will look at on a given day.
Present a resume in an old fashioned format or design not following the new tendencies what makes it less attractive and gives an image of a persona not updated in life.
Doing it yourself might be great when it comes to wedding decorations or small home improvements, but searching for your next career move is not a time to leave it to chance. Purchasing a professional resume rewrite today will cost as low as $139, a small price to pay to ensure that you’ll be well-positioned to make it past the ATS and impress hiring managers within days.
Let the pros take care of your resume. Upload your resume for a free expert review, and for our exclusive job-search and interview training in 2020, that has helped thousands of people just like you.
Click here now for a free resume expert review, and for access to our free exclusive job-search and interview training in 2020, that has helped thousands of people just like you:
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any other question send us a message, we are here to help.
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    If you have any question send us a message, we are here to help.

  • When the order is placed we will ask you for your previous resume, along with any additional information you wish to include, concerns you may have, and career preferences.

  • 1. Certified Professional Résumé Writer (Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches 2014). 2. Certified Employment Interview Professional (Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches 2015). 3. Professional Recruiting Certification (AIRS ADP 2013).

  • ATS (Application Tracking System) is a computer program used by recruiters and HR to filter out applicants based on job descriptions, using key words. I run your resume through 3 industry-leading ATS to ensure optimal compatibility and matching, thus increasing your visibility.

  • I work with new graduates on a daily basis, helping to shape resumes to gain entry-level positions, internships, and access to further education.

  • I work with Executives often, across a variety of industries. I have recruited and written resumes with the title of CEO, CFO, COO, CNO, etc., as well as Directors and Managers.

  • I work with clients undergoing a career transition regularly. I review your current resume, taking transferable skills and applying them to a new career path to offer the best chance of getting your foot in the door.

  • Technical positions make up the largest portion of my workload, across both freelance recruitment and resume writing, I’m familiar with employer requirements from entry to senior level, and offer a vast knowledge of related keywords and terminology.

  • I can’t distribute clients personal documents as they contain sensitive information, I offer a guarantee that your resume won’t be shared as a sample. I am however happy for you to take a look at my personal LinkedIn profile:–vega/

  • Yes. I have recruited and written resumes in most fields including niche markets (nuclear physics, graphical programming, film directing, actors, television reporters, Las Vegas magicians, virtual reality developers, biomedical informatics, marine biologists, molecular biologists, chemists, etc.)

  • We are the preferred resume-writing partners for many major and niche job boards, thanks to our history of client satisfaction and success. Our focus is on the job seeker. We hone our strategies based on recruiter, hiring manager and other industry feedback, ensuring that each job seeker has the best resume for their job search.

  • All our clients are covered by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are not satify we will give your money back, no questions asked.

  • Our resume-writing process is collaborative between the writer and the client. We use your old resume as a primary source of information. If you don’t have a resume, don’t worry, your writer will send you a brief questionnaire that will provide all the information that we need to get started. Once this has been provided, your new resume will be delivered to you in about a week. Then, you’ll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions. The process typically takes one to two weeks.

Click here now for a free resume expert review, and for access to our free exclusive job-search and interview training in 2020, that has helped thousands of people just like you:
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